Amtrak Commission Payment Plan with PayPal

Pay PalNovember 15, 2010 A message was sent to agencies registered in the Amtrak RailAgent family of websites with a notification that Amtrak will be partnering with PayPal for the fulfillment of commission payments.

Our partnership with PayPal will allow Amtrak to process commission payment electronically to partners in more than 190 countries. 

Receipt of the email message indicates that your agency has registered to sell Amtrak in one of the Rail Agent sites. Those sites would include Amtrak RailAgent for Amadeus, Amtrak RailAgent for as well as international sites for tour operators and travel agents.

Click here to create a PayPal account: PayPal

PayPay Account

Pay PalPayPal offers a number of different types of accounts: Personal, Premier and Business. The accounts offered may differ depending on the country in which you do business.   

Please visit the PayPal site and review the benefits and features of each account and enroll in the program that is best suited for your company. 

All PayPal accounts are capable of receiving Amtrak commission payments. Amtrak does not suggest one account over the other.

Amtrak partners pay nothing to set up a PayPal account. (International partners may incure a fee to convert funds from USD to their native currency.)  

Amtrak will transmit commission payments to partners through PayPal.  Partners will receive notification of the payment at the email address that they enrolled with at PayPal.

Click here to create a PayPal account: PayPal

How it works

Amtrak Utilizes PayPal's Mass Payment for Affiliate to Process Commission

  • Pay PalAmtrak enters your registered PayPal email address, which is their unique identifier (like a bank account number) in the PayPal system.
  • Amtrak enters the commission amount.
  • Amtrak transmits the commission payment
  • PayPal well notify the agency via email that they’ve received money.

PayPal offers a number of ways to access the commission paid by Amtrak. Options such as withdrawing funds to Visa® credit/debit card, Money Market Accounts and ACH to your checking account are some of the options available. 

Please visit the PayPal site and review the benefits and features of each option and enroll in the program that is best suited for your company.

Click here to create a PayPal account: PayPal

Registering Your PayPal Account with Amtrak

Details related to Amtrak commissions can be found online when logged into Amtrak RailAgent under "My Commissions."

Amtrak requires that an Owner or Manager submit a registration online in order to to be eligible to receive commissions.  This form will capture contact details as well as the PayPal email address that is to be used to send agency commissions.



I sell through a GDS, Does this impact me?

This action does not impact commission payments for reservations created and ticketed through one of Amtrak’s GDS partners: Sabre, Worldspan and Apollo.  Agencies electing to sell Amtrak through one of these partners will continue to report sales, and claim commissions, through IAR and the weekly ARC Sales Report.

Amtrak Support

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Thank you for selling Amtrak and for your willingness to participat in the Amtrak Commission Payment Plan with PayPal. 

Amtrak Travel Agency Sales Center
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